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The ‘New Normal’: Coping with Today’s Leaner, Meaner,
More Demanding Legal Environment

The legal industry has undergone a transformation driven by cost-cutting mandates and demands for accountability and profitability. To help you survive in this legal environment, explore this new Interactive Library from UnitedLex.

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eDiscovery | Legaltech New York Video

Slash eDiscovery Costs with New Fee Arrangements

Watch GCs tell their stories of how they cut cost by changing their e-discovery pricing structure to focus on total project costs, fixed fees and performance guarantees.

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eDiscovery | Worksheet

Calculating Total Project Cost
for eDiscovery

Use our simple worksheet to determine your total project cost of eDiscovery.
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eDiscovery | Research Brief

2015 UnitedLex eDiscovery Survey

New research conducted by InsideCounsel, Corporate Counsel and UnitedLex, reveals that corporate counsel are employing a number of cost prevention, pricing and efficiency strategies to deal with the increased cost and complexity of eDiscovery. Learn more about the causes and the solutions F100 companies are employing to deal with this new normal.

Business of Law | LegalTech NY Video

UnitedLex Drives Savings

Chrstine Alemany explains how UnitedLex’s Questio Discovery Service drives savings for clients.

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Business of Law | Legaltech New York Video

Transform Your Legal Department to Contribute Strategic and Economic Value
Learn strategies that legal departments can use to contribute greater value and leveraging technologies to make litigation more efficient and cost-effective.
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Understanding the Total Cost of eDiscovery
This whitepaper discusses how to calculate your company’s total cost of eDiscovery and which practices enhance cost predictability, efficiency, and alignment with your business goals.

Cybersecurity | White Paper

Paradigm Shift in Approach to Cybersecurity Needed to Minimize Exposure, Liability and Loss
The old security paradigm is broken. It’s time for a business-centric approach to cyber risk management that identifies potential points of entry and countermeasures that could be applied to defeat a broad range of threats.

eDiscovery | White Paper

Optimizing Litigation Life Cycle Management:  The Quest for Better Ways to Conduct Discovery

Big Data is out of control in corporate America. Corporations are facing massive costs when responding to discovery requests because the volume of data is expanding exponentially. Learn how to reduce data and cost while improving timeliness and efficiency of data analysis and document review.

Cybersecurity | Legaltech New York Video

Cyber Security: GCs on the Front Lines

Watch experts discuss how GCs can do a better job communicating, collaborating and planning comprehensive risk assessments and response plans.

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UnitedLex has partnered with leading law schools to create a legal residency program to address today's challenges.

UnitedLex empowers leading global corporations and law firms by providing them with the insight, technology and resources to reduce costs and solve complex legal and data challenges.

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This Interactive Library will be updated often with new research and content –
as well as an exclusive look at UnitedLex’s sessions from Legaltech New York.