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Office Space and Personal Space Coming Back​

Open office space is falling out of favor as tenants strive to regain personal space. How is the office sector responding to this backlash, and what do you need to know about this trend?


Driverless Cars and What They Mean for CRE​

As driverless cars inch closer to reality, the CRE industry must make adjustments to parking and infrastructure. What sectors will feel the impact first, and how can you prepare?


Retail Sector Trends​

Regional retail market trends show a positive upturn in certain areas, thanks to population growth and economic development. This infographic breaks down the biggest challenges and opportunities for the retail sector.


Offer Select and CRE transactions

Are commercial real estate transactions finally being streamlined through technology? If Ten-X Commercial’s Offer Select has any say in it, then yes, they are. 


Commercial Real Estate Capital Markets​

Multifamily vacancies are rising, supply is unevenly distributed throughout the country and the pipeline remains robust. A new report from Ten-X Research tackles how well new supply is expected to absorb.


CRE, The Big Picture

Commercial real estate has an evolving role in this fast-paced world – so how can the market keep buildings relevant when flexibility and mobility are keeping residents away from the office?


Technology and Data ​

Massive amounts of data are at your fingertips – but how can CRE benefit from it all? Here, learn the pitfalls of handling and evaluating data – and how to make the most of what you have.


Ten-X and Future of CRE​

As the commercial real estate marketplace of note, Ten-X is projecting great growth within the decade. Here, learn about the challenges it faces as technology becomes more mainstream – as well as what else the future might hold.


Apartment Sector Trends to Watch​

New research points to an ongoing apartment boom, with millennials pushing growth. Learn which cities are facing supply pipelines, more vacancies and how rent is keeping up – along with other trends.