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The Truth About
Commercial Arbitration

With 90 years of trustworthy service, the American Arbitration Association knows how to quickly and effectively resolve disputes. Here are a few reasons why arbitration may be the best solution around – for everybody.

Businesses and Law Firms:
What Not to Believe about Arbitration

B2B arbitration can be an economic and efficient way to resolve disputes – but don’t believe everything that you hear. We bust some of the biggest myths surrounding arbitration and help you better navigate this terrain.

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AAA®/ICDR® B2B Dispute Resolution Impact Report

The AAA/ICDR has released key statistics from 2015 cases to educate both users and non-users of ADR.
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Infographic: How to Understand
and Control Commercial Arbitration Costs

Top 10 ways in-house counsel can understand and control arbitration costs.

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Customize an Arbitration Clause for Your Contract:
Free Online ClauseBuilder® Tool

This video tutorial guides you through creating a clear and effective clause, the foundation of a cost-effective, efficient dispute resolution process.

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AAA®/ICDR® Arbitration Clauses:
Considerations and Resources for Business Contracts

This video series provides short informative takes on how to utilize arbitration clauses and why they are beneficial in business contracts.
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Top 10 Ways to Make Arbitration
Faster and More Cost Effective

While arbitration is a quick and cost-effective way to resolve disputes, it’s not always easy to see how. Here, we show you the top 10 expert ways to make arbitration better for all involved.

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Case Study: Project Delay Leads to Terminated Contract and Complex Claims

How did two construction companies agree on a solution to a $5 million problem? This case study outlines the steps taken.
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